Colombo by day

The decorative pigeon is a metaphor of the carrier pigeon and a caring message from DAM - always happy to welcome you.

Its name - Colombo - is inspired by the etymology of pigeon (“columbus”) and also in the navigator and explorer Cristóvão Colombo. The Colombo pigeon flies by day and by night, expressing the desire to explore and be inspired beyond borders. The desire to never stop flying through the world but always valuing its roots. You can use on the desk, in the bedroom or wherever the imagination takes you. You can use Colombo as a pincushion for post-its, for “anti-stress” or simply as a decorative object.

Designers: Hugo Silva and Joana Santos.

Materials: Composite light cork and metal with copper finish.

Dimensions: W7,8 x D9,5 x H15 cm.